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Friday, November 25, 2016

PEGAS CEGH Spot Markt Indices

We provide 2 kinds of indices for the Spot market, the CEGHIX and the CEGHEDI.

The indices are calculated daily on each exchange day and are used as an industry benchmark index for the CEE region and also as reference price in the trading system GlobalVision Trayport ETS® for the following exchange trading day.


Spot Index CEGHIX®

The CEGHIX® is a price index based on exchange orders and deals concluded on all PEGAS CEGH Day Ahead contracts between 08:00 CET and 18:00 CET on the PEGAS platform, calculated as the volume weighted average price in this time period.


Spot End of the Day Index CEGHEDI® 

CEGHEDI® is a price index based on exchange trades and / or orders with a settlement window between 17:15 - 17:30


 Specification CEGHIX 

 Specification CEGHEDI