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Central European Gas Hub with new all-time-high in January 2017 with 59.5 TWh nominated volume at the CEGH VTP and monthly record at the PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange Market

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Monday, February 6, 2017


  • In January 2017 a total of 59.46 TWh were nominated at the CEGH Virtual Trading Point (VTP), a new all-time high in the history of the hub.
  • At the PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange Market the volumes almost doubled to 5.8 TWh compared to last month and tripled vs. January 2016.
  • At the CEGH Czech Gas Exchange 0.29 TWh were traded in January 2017, thereof 0.24 TWh on the Futures Market and 0.05 TWh on the Spot Market. 

CEGH OTC Market:
The nominated gas volumes on the CEGH VTP reached 59.46 TWh in January 2017, a new all-time high in the history of CEGH. Also the input volume (physical volume into the VTP) showed a new record with 21.31 TWh in January. The Churn Rate in January was 2.8.
By end of January 2017, CEGH had 185 members.

PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange Market:
On 1 December 2016, Central European Gas Hub AG (CEGH) and Powernext SA have successfully migrated the CEGH Gas Exchange spot and futures contracts to the pan-European PEGAS platform operated under the Powernext rulebook. Spread products with TTF, NCG, GASPOOL and PSV are now tradable, as well as Trade Registration services for PEGAS CEGH futures products.

After having reached a monthly all-time high already in December 2016, which was the first month of the cooperation between CEGH and Powernext, this record could even be topped in January 2017 with a volume of 5.8 TWh traded at the PEGAS CEGH Markets, an additional increase of 58% compared to last month.
The Spot Market recorded a traded volume of 5.13 TWh in January, with an increase of 95% almost doubling the volumes of last month and plus 156% compared to January last year.
The CEGH Gas Exchange Futures Market reached 0.67 TWh in January 2017, an increase of 143% compared to January 2016.

By end of January 2017, 99 companies were registered at Powernext for the PEGAS CEGH Gas Exchange market.

CEGH Czech Gas Exchange:

On the CEGH Czech Gas Exchange 289 GWh were traded in January 2017.
On the Spot Market 47 GWh were traded, on the Futures Market 242 GWh.
By end of January 2017, 20 companies were registered at the CEGH Czech Gas Futures Market and 19 companies at the CEGH Czech Gas Spot Market.

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